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Characteristics of Solar Spectral Radiation and Correction Albedo in Sparse Vegetation Region


Acta Energiae Solaris Sinica


Yang Jiaxi, Li Zhenchao, Wei Zhigang, Gao Xiaoqing, Zheng Zhiyuan, Hou Xuhong









Corresponding Author

Yang, JX

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Dunhuang; sparse vegetation region; solar spectral radiation; surface albedo


Using the field observational data from the sparse vegetation region in gold mine in Dunhuang from July to October,2015,the solar spectral radiation and corresponding albedo characteristics during early autumn were analyzed. The results showed that the long- wave radiation and solar spectral radiation show a downward trend on a whole by the reason of season transition. The upward long- wave radiation is stronger than the downward long- wave radiation consistently. In the clear day,the radiation intensity of each wave band is the strongest. The daily variations of surface global radiation show a smooth sinusoid. However,in the cloudy day,the radiation intensity has decreased in some degree. The daily variations show a zigzag. And the intensity of solar radiation declines significantly in rainy days. Near infrared,visible light and ultraviolet radiation proportion of the global average radiation is 0.535,0.420 and 0.045, respectively. The trend of daily variation of surface albedo of each wave band is nearly the same. The albedo of near infrared radiation is the highest,then are the global and visible light radiation,and the albedo of ultraviolet radiation is the lowest. The average albedo of near infrared,global,visible light and ultraviolet radiation is 0.26,0.22,0.19 and 0.08,respectively. The daily variation of surface albedo is asymmetry,it is bigger in the morning than the afternoon. The albedo is different when it is under different types of synoptic conditions. The changes of albedo of the clear day and cloudy day are relatively flat,and the change is bigger on the cloudy day than the clear day. But the albedo is much smaller in rainy days than other days.