Atmospheric and ecological environment monitoring platform

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Sun Photometer

The Cimel CE318 Sun photometer is a multi-channel, automatic sun-and-sky scanning radiometer that measures the direct solar irradiance and sky radiance at the Earth’s surface. Measurements are taken at pre-determined discrete wavelengths in the visible and near-IR parts of the spectrum to determine atmospheric transmission and scattering properties. It measures the optical properties of the atmosphere by measuring the sun irradiance and the soil and sky radiance. It provides the quantification and physical-optical characterizations of the aerosols. It is used for climate and climate change studies, air quality monitoring and forecast, sand dust storm monitoring and forecast, calibration of satellite instruments, validation of satellite aerosol products.


Scanning Mobility Particle Sizer

The TSI scanning mobility particle sizer (SMPS-3936) uses discreet sizing technique in which number concentrations are measured directly without assuming the shape of the particle size distribution. The method is independent of the refractive index of the particle or fluid, and has a high degree of absolute sizing accuracy and measurement repeatability. The system includes an electrostatic classifier with long DMA column, CPC and Aerosol Instrument Manager® software. It is used for atmospheric studies and environmental monitoring.


Hydrological and ecological monitoring system

The hydrology and ecology monitoring system consist of a doppler flow system (StreamPro ADCP & Stalker Pro ), a water level observation device (HL20) and a multi-parameter water quality monitor (Proplus). The main observation elements include air pressure, temperature, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, pH, ammonia nitrogen or nitrate nitrogen or chloride; flow speed and flow rate and the variation of water level. It is used to monitor on site water quality, obtain three-dimensional velocity of a fixed point or section, and obtain the topography information of estuary, seabed and lake bottom. It can improve observation accuracy, reduce the labor intensity of an observer, reduce human-caused error, and promote the modernization of hydrometeorological monitoring.


StreamPro ADCP                                                      Stalker Pro

LI-3000C Portable Area Meter

The LI-3000C utilizes an electronic method of rectangular approximation to provide 1 mm2 resolution. Leaf area, leaf length, average width, and maximum width are logged by the readout console as the scanning head is drawn over a leaf. Files can be viewed on the display or output to a computer using the LI3000C application software. Leaf area development or reduction associated with conditions of insect infestation, drought, disease or air pollution can be measured in the field or in growth chambers.


Soil hydrothermal monitoring system

Soil hydrothermal monitoring system consists of CR3000 data logger, 105E thermocouple burial probesHydra Probe soil moisture sensors, and HFP01SC self-calibrating heat flux sensors. It is used to realize automatic monitoring of soil moisture, temperature and heat flxes in a long term, and to collect data for studying soil water and heat changes.