Convective weather monitoring and warning platform

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714XDP Doppler polarimetric weather radar

The 714 XDP Doppler radar is a 3 cm dual-channel simultaneous transceiver Doppler weather radar developed jointly by the Cold and Arid Regions Environment and Engineering Research Institute, CAS and Chengdu Jinjiang Electronic System Engineering Co. LTD. The radar sends electromagnetic waves to targets such as cloud and precipitation, and receives the subsequent scattered echoes, and deduces the characteristics of the target according to the changes of the echoes. Because it emits two polarized electromagnetic waves, Due to its two polarization state of transmission of electromagnetic wave, it can get the change and difference of the backscattered signal and phase from the electromagnetic waves of two different polarization states. In addition to the information on cloud and precipitation intensity and wind field characteristics, information about particle phase can be obtained. The radar also has the ability to identify hail, lightning, severe weather, and can be applied to weather forecast, meteorological disaster prevention and weather modification.


XDR-21 Digital weather radar

XDR-21 digital weather radar is designed and manufactured by Chengdu University of Information and Technology (formerly known as Chengdu College of meteorology) by improving the original 711 radar. It is digitalized and characterized by high speed, accurate and wide measuring range with a comprehensive post-processing software and convenient data processing. It can quickly give information on the intensity of various clouds within the detecting range, and deduce the movement of clouds which help track the occurrence and development of cloud. The radar can provide necessary information on disaster weather, such as rainstorm, thunderstorm, hail, etc., and is applied to weather forecast, early warning of meteorological disasters, and guide the weather modification operations.


LLX-06B Doppler weather radar

LLX-06B Doppler weather radar is a digital doppler weather radar is designed by 206 Institute and manufactured by Wuxi North General Electric Co., LTD. The radar uses RVP8 digital intermediate frequency device to process the acquired intermediate frequency signal with a high data collection accuracy. The radar can detect the basic information of various clouds, including intensity, position, radial velocity and velocity spectrum width. The post-processing software provides up to 40 post-processing products such as combined reflectivity and liquid water content in the cloud. It is used to continuously track and observe the occurrence, development and extinction of medium and small scale layered precipitation cloud, super thunderstorm and other disastrous weather, and plays a great role in the work of disaster weather forecasting and warning, weather modification operation.


Present Weather Sensor- Parsivel

Parsivel is a laser-based optical system for complete and reliable measurement of all types of precipitation. The size range of measurable liquid precipitation particles is from 0.2 to 5 mm, for solid precipitation particles it is from 0.2 to 25 mm. In the process, precipitation particles can have a velocity of from 0.2 to 20 m/s. The precipitation particles are categorized as Drizzle, Drizzle with rain, Rain, Rain, drizzle with snow, Snow, Snow grains, freezing rain, Hail.The precipitation measurements are carried out using a special sensor head that was developed for this particular purpose. It detects precipitation optically. The data determined are processed and stored by a fast digital signal processor. Parsivel issues one data telegram every 30 seconds.